Brendan Harmon


Generative design of sculptural forms from poetry

3D rendering of Poetry Waveform Bench

Waveform Repository


Team: Brendan Harmon, Hye Yeon Nam, Vincent Celluci, and Zak Berkowitz.

Poemform is an interactive bench derived from the waveform of the poem Diamonds in Dystopia. Embedded surface transducers so that it becomes a sound system, the bench will play a different line of poem depending upon where you sit. It represents the following three lines from Vincent Celluci’s poem Diamonds in Dystopia:

irrigating minds

the one prototype for change
   more giving systems

Elevational rendering of Dystopianform

Rendering of Dystopianform armature


Team: Hye Yeon Nam and Brendan Harmon.

Loveform is an interactive, 3D printed ceramic cup derived from the waveform of a message. The cups recites its recorded message when it is drunk from. The first pair of cups represents and recites the message:

I love you.

Rendering of the Loveform ceramic vessel

3D printed Loveform vessels