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Computational Design

Gaussian Planting

Here are resources for learning about computational design including my recent book and tutorials.



Computational Design for Landscape Architects   This book is a guide to computational design for landscape architects replete with extensive tutorials. It introduces algorithmic approaches for modeling and designing landscapes. The aim of this book is to use algorithms to understand and design landscape as a generative system, i.e. to harness the processes that shape landscape to generate new forms. An algorithmic approach to design is gently introduced through visual programming with Grasshopper, before more advanced methods are taught in Python, a high-level programming language. Topics covered include parametric design, randomness and noise, waves and attractors, lidar, point cloud modeling, terrain modeling, earthworks, digital fabrication, and more. The chapters include sections on theory, methods, and either visual programming or scripting.

Computational Design Dataset

Computational Design Library


CNC Milling

Computational Design   A guide to visual programming for 3D modeling, geospatial modeling, and geospatial analysis of landscapes. Software covered includes Rhino and Grasshopper. Tutorials are posted on Youtube.


Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is a collection of laser scanned trees and other plants. Each plant is available as laz, e57, pcd, xyz, and 3dm format point clouds released under the Creative Commons Zero public domain dedication.

Cloud Forest Point Clouds

Cloud Forest Dataset