Brendan Harmon

Hydrology of Panama

Spatio-temporal analysis of the physical, chemical, and climatic processes that control the chemistry of rivers in Panama.

Landcover and river network for the Greater Panama Canal Zone Watershed

Geochemistry of Source Rivers to the Greater Panama Canal Watershed

Spatio-temporal analysis of large data sets to better understand and quantify the physical, chemical, and climatic processes that control the chemistry of rivers in Panama, in particular, and across the tropics, in general.

ResearchGate Project

GitHub Repository: A python script for hydrological modeling, morphometric analysis, and landcover time series analysis for the Panama Canal Zone Watershed in GRASS GIS. Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Open Science Framework Repository: The data and results for this project are hosted in the repository under the CC0 1.0 Universal license.

Landcover change in the Greater Panama Canal Zone Watershed from 1998 to 2015


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