Brendan Harmon

Lidar in GRASS GIS

A tutorial on lidar in GRASS GIS.




What is lidar?

Download tiles of lidar from: Zoom in on Governor’s island and then click the download icon. From the Lidar results tab download the following lidar tiles from 2017:


  • 975187.las
  • 975190.las
  • 977187.las
  • 977190.las
  • 980187.las
  • 980190.las


  • 18TWL820030.las
  • 18TWL820045.las
  • 18TWL835030.las
  • 18TWL835045.las

Point Data Abstraction Library

Point Data Abstraction Library

Install Anaconda

Install PDAL

On Windows right click on the Anaconda3 prompt and run as Administrator

conda update conda
conda install -c conda-forge pdal
conda install -c conda-forge pdal python-pdal gdal


Binning Lidar

Start GRASS GIS in the nyspf_govenors_island location in a new mapset called lidar. input=D:\nyc\lidar_2017\975187.las output=binned_2017
g.region n=189850 s=189100 e=978550 w=976850 save=landforms
r.mask vector=shoreline

Import all 2017 tiles

Then set region to landforms and reimport

Binned Lidar
Binned Lidar

Interpolating Lidar

Volumetric Change

Later in digital fabrication chapter 3D print difference in 2014 and 2017?