Brendan Harmon

Generative Fabrication

A studio on generative design and fabrication

Robotic 3D Printing


This studio will explore non standard construction in architecture and landscape architecture. You will use generative processes for the design and fabrication of complex architectural forms. In the first section of this studio you will learn how to program 3D printers and industrial robots and then design, render, and fabricate a small ceramic vessel. In the second section you will design a ceramic structure for a free standing green wall. Use a generative design process to model and analyze a family of variations on your design. Fabricate scale models of your designs. In the third section of the course you will make a detailed design, renderings, and construction documentation for your green wall. This studio will be conducted online. You will have either remote or in person access to digital fabrication tools such as industrial robots and fused deposition modeling (FDM), stereolithography (SLA), and ceramic 3D printers.

Syllabus: Generative Fabrication 2020