Landscape Diagrams

Brendan Harmon

West 8, Suikeras

  • Diagrammatic section showing storm water management
  • Vector artwork with simple shapes
  • Focus on flows of water

Kate Kennen & Niall Kirkwood, PHYTO: Principles and Resources for Site Remediation and Landscape Design

  • Diagrammatic perspectives of before and after phytoremediation
  • Scenes drawn as simple black and white linework
  • Pollution illustrated with dot patterns and vector shapes
  • Plants for phytoremediation added as photomontage
  • Extensive annotations describe pollution & phytoremediation
  • Clear, simple presentation of complex design challenge

Scape, Carpenter Creek

  • Vector artwork for section
  • Simplified, abstract visualization of habitat
  • Explains ecological role of flooding

Scape, Oyster-tecture

  • Section-transect with vector artwork and annotations
  • Use of a single color to highlight processes
  • Teal color creates graphic identity for project
  • Teal connotes seawater
  • Explains process of reef building
  • …and resulting wave attenuation

Scape, Living Breakwaters

  • Combination of 3D model wireframe, photomontage, and vector illustration
  • Illustrates artificial habitat creation & role of tides
  • Use of two colors to highlight tides and biota

Scape, Safari 7

  • Graphic design for public outreach
  • Illustrated map with illustrated wildlife to spot
  • Black, white, and magenta color scheme

Studio Outside, Galveston Island State Park

  • Section perspectives of before and after with annotations
  • Section cut divided into zones
  • Wildlife designated with silhouetted icons
  • Halftone pattern used to designate habitat
  • Hatching used to designate land loss

Field Operations, Fresh Kills

  • Illustration of succession of ecological communities
  • Sections and planimetric transects as Gantt charts
  • Show evolution over time
  • Matrix of dots where colors represent species

LOLA, Gasklockan

  • Perspectival diagrams of program
  • 3D modeled structures
  • Use of color to highlight spaces by program

LOLA, Vision Inner City Groningen

  • Vector diagram of green space
  • City as figure ground
  • Missing legend and annotations

LOLA, Vision Inner City Groningen

  • Streetscape typologies
  • Axonometric transects
  • Simple 3D modeled streetscape
  • Paving textures mapped to the model
  • Photomontaged plants
  • Silhouettes of people, vehicles, and elements

NACTO, Urban Street Design Guide

National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

Downtown Oneway Street


Downtown Oneway Street


Residential Boulevard


Residential Boulevard


NACTO, Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism

National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

  • Diagrams of streetscapes for autonomous vehicles
  • Axonometric scenes modeled in 3D
  • Simple outline rendering
  • Blue color scheme for a blueprint
  • Annotated with callout boxes
  • Scenes serve as charts plotting statistical data

Figure Ground

Giambattista Nolli, Nuova Topografia di Roma, 1748

Charles Graves, The Genealogy of Cities

Collection of city maps

Morphocode, Urban Layers

  • Interactive web map
  • Figure ground colored by date of construction
  • Time slider
  • Does not include demolished buildings

Readings & Resources